TBA Membership

We are a friendly group of Tonkinese fanciers. Anyone interested in Tonkinese cats may join TBA. If you own a Tonkinese, you can apply for full membership. You need not be a breeder or exhibitor.  Are you a Tonk lover but don't own one? We have associate memberships (non-voting) which does not require owning a Tonkinese cat. Please join our association!

TBA PinTBA pins can be ordered from: 
Karen Willis
P. O. Box 141425 Austin, TX 78714-1425
Price is $8.00 for one and $15 for two.
The pin image is enlarged for detail. Actual size is 3/4 inches.

Purpose and Activities

Mission Statement

The Tonkinese Breed Association is a nonprofit cat club affiliated with the Cat Fanciers' Association, Inc. consisting of breeders, exhibitors, and pet owners. Our mission is to promote and improve the breeding of Tonkinese cats to the standards as accepted by CFA and to promote the Tonkinese within CFA. We sponsor cat shows and exhibits. We promote sportsmanship and friendship among cat fanciers as well as the welfare of all cats.


Constitution & ByLaws

Rules on how the club is run.

TBA Board of Directors

(Voting positions)

President Harold Bourgeois harrycounselor@hotmail.com
Vice President Linda Martino Martino@pobox.com
Secretary Nancy Mikita nmikita@cox.net
Treasurer Karen Willis Karen.willis44@att.net
Past President Sue Robbins SuzieWrite@aol.com
Region 1 Lynn Jordan Tonks@comcast.net
Region 2 Laurie Holmes quest8@ix.netcom.com
Region 3 Louisa Buford kinukatz@juno.com
Region 4 Wayne Crabtree treepawcats@yahoo.com  
Region 5 Bonnie Brooks tonks4all@gmail.com
Region 6 Candilee Jackson pawdancertonks@att.net
Region 7 Claire Dubit dubitc@gmail.com
Region 8 Hisano Yamashita hisanodayo@hb.tp1.jp
Region 9 Francoise Ferriere francoise.fer@orange.fr

Special Committees

(Non-voting positions)

Legislative Liaison Vacant  
Aqua Eye Editor Linda Martino
Nancy Mikita
Web Master Nancy Mikita nmikita@cox.net
Roster/Database Karen Willis Karen.willis44@att.net
Web Rankings Nancy Mikita nmikita@cox.net
Election Linda Martino
Nancy Mikita
Rescue Coordinator Harold Bourgeois harrycounselor@hotmail.com
Awards Bonnie Brooks tonks4all@gmail.com