Past Photo Contest Winners

2017 Winners





Congratulations to Kristina Trott

whose photo of Jamie,

a 5 month old Natural Mink Male, won the

Cover Of the Aqua Eye

in the 2017 Tonkinese Breed Association Photo Contest.

Breeder: Louis Frank



Best Kitten

Irma & Indiana’s Kittens

Collette Burnett

Best Adult


9 Month old Fawn Mink Female
Breeder/Owner/Member: Monika Wernli
Caption: “Eyes are the window to the soul”

Best Showing Personality


10 months old Platinum Mink Male
Owner/Member: Janice Williams
Breeder: Laurie Holmes
Caption: “Where is my sister Nani?”

Best Showing Sociability

Chantilly Lace’s Kittens

Breeder/Owner/Member: Linda

Best Showing Humor


2 year old platinum Mink Male
Owner/Member: Kathleen Lynch
Breeder: Lynn Jordan
Caption: “ The Bounty Hunter”

Best Showing Creativity

Koa and Nani

1 year old Platinum Mink Male and Female
Owner/Member: Janice Williams
Breeder: Laurie Holmes

High Scoring Photo (all categories combined)

Cookie, Brownie, Twinkie, Cupcake

4 weeks old kittens, 1 Platinum
Point and 3 Blue Minks
Breeder/Owner/Member: Lisa Smith
Caption: “ There’s always on in the bunch!”

High Scoring Photo (all categories combined)

Anna Regina aka Queenie and Baby

2.5 year old Platinum Point and 8 week
old Platinum Point kitten
Breeder: Collette and Rob Burnett
Owner: Bonnie Brooks - Collette Burnett
Submitter: Bonnie Brooks

High Scoring Photo (all categories combined)

8 weeks old Natural Mink Babies
Breeder/Owner/Member: Lynn Jordan

High Scoring Photo (all categories combined)

Sami, Sweet Pea and Dande

Breeders: Louise Frank and Aurora York
Owner/Member: Renee Wolf Foster
Caption: “After a while, it just doesn’t matter anymore.”


Honorable Mention

Honorable Mention: Adult Photo


1.5 year year old Platinum Mink Female
Bonnie Brooks and Theresa

Honorable Mention: Kitten Photo

7 Weeks old Champagne Mink Kittens

Wayne Crabtree
Caption: “Champagne

(notice the little one in the lower level)

Honorable Mention: Adult


2 year old platinum mink male
Owner/Member: Kathleen A.
Breeder: Lynn Jordan

Honorable Mention: Showing Personality


1 Year old Platinum Point Female
Breeder/Owner/Member: Lisa Smith

Honorable Mention: Showing Sociability

Norma Jean and Emma Jean

Natural Point and Blue Point, born July 2016
Collette Burnett

Honorable Mention: Showing Humor

7 week old Platinum Point Kitten

Breeder/Owner/Member: Carmen Martino

Note: Chantilly Lace’s litter of 7 were born
at the hotel at the annual in Las Vegas
between the TBA meeting and the banquet.

To all the breeders and pet owners who submitted photos

to all the members who voted in TBA's 2015 Photo Contest,

Thank You!!

You made this another successful Photo Contest

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Web Editor's Choice,

in no particular order.... and for no particular reason other than I liked the photo....


Platinum Mink Female
Owner/Member: Michael Larkins
Breeder: Beth Cassely


4 year old Natural Mink Female
Owner Elease Latimer
Member/Breeder: Lynn Jordan
Caption: “I will catch you, little bug!”


5 year old Blue Point Female
Owner/Member: Rosalie Cravotta
Breeder: Lynn Jordan
Caption: ”I am one with my Perch”


5 years old Platinum Solid Male
Owner Lisa Pulanski
Breeder/Member: Aurora York
Caption: “Cody on the door: He loves to get in high places...the pantry door is always an opportunity for him to use me as a launching pad as he jumps from the floor, to my shoulder and to the top of the door.”

Harry Potter, Buddy and Cody

Champagne Mink , Champagne Point and Platinum Mink Males
Owner: Chris Forzano


Blue Mink Female, 6 months old
Owner/Member: Robin Bordenca
Breeder: Lisa Smith
Caption: "Riding high"