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"Aqua Eyed Reflection"

Congratulations to Kathleen Lynch

whose photo of Sidney,

a 9 month old Platinum Mink Male, won the

Cover Of the Aqua Eye

in the 2015 Tonkinese Breed Association Photo Contest.

Breeder, Lynn Jordan

has been a member of TBA since 2002.





Best Kitten

Best Kitten

Thea's Kittens

6 weeks old

Owner/Breeder/Member: Carmen and Linda Martino

Best Adult

Best Adult


Platinum Mink Male

Owner/Member:Janice Williams
Breeder/Member: Laurie Holmes

Best Showing Personality



17 month old Platinum Mink Male

Owner/Member: Eileen Hernandez
Breeder/Member: Aurora York

Caption: "What's up Doc?"

Best Showing Sociability


Astamur and Zidane

6 month old Natural Solid Male
9 month old Honey Mink Male

Owner/Member/Breeder: Monika Wernli

Best Showing Humor


Owner/Member/Breeder: Candilee Jackson

Best Showing Creativity - Tie



Owner/Breeder/Member: Linda and Carmen Martino



Highest Scoring Photo (all categories combined) Tie

Highest Scoring


1 year old Champagne Point Female

Owner: Cheryl Dinis

Breeder/Member: Aurora York

Caption: "Little Barista"

Best Showing Creativity - Tie




5 year old Natural Point Female

Owner: David and Cindy Sullivan

Breeder/Member: Jean and Ed Delano

Highest Scoring Photo (all categories combined) Tie

Highest Scoring


7 year old Natural Mink

Owner: Elease Latimer
Breeder/Member: Lynn Jordan

Caption: "Sunshine, Flowers and Mocha"


Honorable Mention

Honorable Mention: Cover

7 month old Platinum Mink Male

Owner/: Michael Larkins
Breeder/Member: Beth Cassely

Honorable Mention: Showing Sociability

Sundance and Butch

1 year and 5 month old Platinum Point and Champagne Point Males

Owner/Member: Nancy Lee

Breeder/Member: Harold and Diane Bourgeois

Caption: "After a long day of torturing toilet paper, tearing down dryer vets and pulling things out of the cubards. The moral of the story is 'Let Sleeping Tonks Lie!!!'"

Honorable Mention: Kitten

HM Kitten

4 Week old kittens

Submitter: Sherry Fisher
Breeder/Member: Linda and Carmen Martino

Caption: "Mom told me this would happen if you drink a whole bucket of milk"

Honorable Mention: Best Showing Sociability


5 ear old Platinum Mink male and his mother

Crystal Lily

an 8 year old Platinum Mink Female

Owner: Holli Ann Meir

Breeder/Member: Laurie Holmes and Amy Diem

To all the breeders and pet owners who submitted photos

to all the members who voted in TBA's 2015 Photo Contest,

Thank You!!

You made this another successful Photo Contest

Scroll down for Web Editor's Choice


Web Editor's Choice,

in no particular order.... and for no particular reason other than I liked the photo....

Editor's Choice

10 month old Champagne Solid Male

Owner/Member: Lon LeBlanc
Breeder/Member: Candilee Jackson

           8 years old Platinum Point Female

Owner/Member: Julie Moskal
Breeder/Member: Peggy Gyimesi


5 years old Champagne Point Male

Owner: Jeff and Teri DePaulo
Breeder/Member: Nancy Mikita

Caption: "Time to eat Soxy"

Editors note: In 2011, one year old Sox won the photo contest for Best Showing Sociability. This year if there was a category called "Best Natured Tonk", I'm sure he'd win. Here is is previous winning photo.




Glissanda Masau

Champagne Mink Female

Owner: Kenneth Lovelace (Peggy's son)
Breeder/Member: Peggy Schuetz

According to Peggy: "Glissanda, after her show career, turned into an only child. Friends of my son, call her his Cat Wive. She is quite demanding."


Missy (with Francesca)

8 years old Natural Mink Female

Owner/Member: Pam Carnovale
Breeder/Member: Lynn Jordan

Kali and Noah

4 years old Champagne Mink Female and Champagne Point Male

Owner/Member: Susan Kadow
Breeder/Member: Harold & Diane Bourgeois

Caption: "Easiest way to travel so everyone can admire us at the retirement home"

Editor's Note: I always enjoy photos of these two visiting their granny.


6 months old Cinnamon Solid Female

Owner/Member: Joan Coll
Breeder: Joan Bernstein


5 month old Platinum Mink Male

Owner/Member: Carol Smith Myer
Breeder/Member: Linda and Carmon Martino

Be Delicious and Erin Go Brawless

9 week old Platinum Mink Female and 3 years old Platinum Point Female

Breeder/Owner: Bonnie Brooks
Breeder: Ann-Karen White & Bonnie Brooks/Theresa Boyland


These are just a few of the photos that

made me laugh, smile or just tugged at my heart.

I could easily have picked a dozen more.


Thank you for submitting them to our TBA photo contest

and or giving me an opportunity to work with you and your photos.

Nancy Mikita

If you would like to see all the beautiful submissions

please click on the photo contest gallery below.

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