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2014 Winners





Congratulations to Dave & Cindy Sullivan
and breeders Jean & Ed Delano
whose photo of Sasha, a natural point female, won the

Cover Of the Aqua Eye

in the 2014 Tonkinese Breed Association Photo Contest.


Ed and Jean have been a members of TBA since 1986!





Best Kitten

Tonkinese Kittens

Abbey Thurston's Litter

Owner/Breeder/Member: Collette Burnett

Best Adult

Leo,  Platinum Mink Female


10 Months old Platinum Mink Male

Breeder/Member: Beth Cassely & Jane Manley
Owner/Member: Mike Larkins

Best Showing Personality

Noah & Kali

2.5 year old Champagne Point Male and 3 year old Champagne Mink Female

Owner/Member: Susan Kadow
Breeder/Member: Harold & Diane Bourgeois

Caption: "We can just about reach the top shelf"

Best Showing Sociability

Ted and Cody (the dog)

2.5 year old Champagne Mink Male

Owner/Member: Ann Wildman
Breeder/Member: Jane Smith

Best Showing Humor

Thelonius Monk

Champagne Mink Male

Owner/Member: Candilee Jackson
Breeder/Member: Peggy Schuetz

Best Showing Creativity


9 month old Champagne Solid Female

Owner: Lisa Haug
Breeder/Member: Laurie Holmes

Highest Scoring Photo


Champagne Mink Female

Owner: Ron Toivonen
Breeder/Member: Nancy Mikita

Caption: "Squirl Hunting"



Honorable Mention

Honorable Mention: Best Adult

18 months old Natural Point Male

Owner: Pam Ford
Breeder/Member: Aurora York

Honorable Mention: Best Showing Creativity

3 years old Champagne Mink Male

Owner: Marie Flavin
Breeder/Member: Aurora York

Honorable Mention: Best Showing Sociability

4 month old Champagne Solid Male

Owner: Sherri Price
Breeder/Member: Elaine Kish & Richard Kish

Caption: "Best Buds"

Honorable Mention: Best Showing Humor


1 year old Champagne Mink

Owner/Member: Catherine McNeese
Breeder/Member: Wanda Martin & Lea Wells

Caption: "Cat traps in Carryout Bags, who thinks of this??

Honorable Mention: Best Showing Humor

Charbay's Kitten, Ciroc

6 week old Champagne Point kitten

Owner/Breeder/Member: Jane Smith



To all the breeders and pet owners who submitted photos

to all the members who voted in TBA's 2014 Photo Contest,

Thank You!!

You made this another successful Photo Contest


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Web Editor's Choice,

in no particular order.... and for no particular reason other than I liked the photo....

2 year old Champagne Point Male

Owner/Member: Mary Canzano
Breeder/Member: Peggy Gyimesi

Sassyfras and Maggie
17 year old Domesticv Short Hair & 5 month old Champagne Mink Female

Owner/Member: Marie Galtier
Breeder/past Member: Harold & Diane Bourgeois

Caption: " We Love Ice Cream!"

2 year old Platinum Solid Male

Owner: Janet Holmes
Breeder/Member: Collette Burnett

Caption: "Ho Ho Meow"

4 month old Platinum Mink Female

Owner/Member: Marc Sontag
Breeder/Member: Elaine Kish

Caption: "A well organized office has everything 'cat'egorized and in it's place."

5 month old Champagne Point Male

Owner/Member: Elizebeth Arovas
Breeder/Member: Linda and Carmen Martino

2 year old Champagne Mink Male

Owner: Soshana Shay
Harold & Diane Bourgeois

6 years old Platinum Point Female

Owner: Julie Moskal
Breeder/Member: Peggy Gyimesi

Caption: "I can fling ths thing around my back and still catch it. Just watch!"

8 month old Natural Point Male

Owner:Pam Campbell
Breeder/Member: Elaine Kish


6 week old Natural Mink Male

Breeder/Owner/Member: Lisa Smith


These are just a few of the photos that

made me laugh, smile or just tugged at my heart.

I could easily have picked a dozen more.


Thank you for submitting them to our TBA photo contest

and or giving me an opportunity to work with you and your photos.

Nancy Mikita

If you would like to see all the beautiful submissions

please click on the photo contest gallery below.

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