Past Photo Contest Winners

2011 Winner of Best Cover




Congratulations to Michael Larkins whose platinum solid female named Tonks won the

"Best Cover Photo"

in the 2011 Tonkinese Breed Association Photo Contest.


Michael has been a member of TBA since 2010.

Owner/Member: Michael Larkins
Breeder/Member: Beth Cassely


Best Kitten

2011 Best Kitten


A champagne mink kitten

Breeder/Owner/Member: Aurora York

Best Adult

2011 Winner Best Adult


Jimmy, a three year old platinum mink male

Owner: Elliot Wesen
Breeder/Member: Karen Willis

Caption "Yo, you looking at me?"

Best Showing Personality

Best Personality winner


Bazinga!, a one year old champagne point

Owner/Member: Chris Due and Rita Van Wyk
Breeder/Member: Wanda Martin

Best Showing Sociability

Best Socialibility

Sox, a one year old Campagne Point male

Owner: Jeff & Teri DePaulo
Breeder/Member: Nancy Mikita


Best Showing Humor

Best Showing Humor

Ben, a natural mink male and Jacob a natural point male
Both are 4 month old litter mates

Owner/Member: Gil and Janet Burns
Breeder/Member: Lynn Jordan

Caption: "Let the good times roll"

(This submission received the highest number
of overall votes by a large margin.)






To all the breeders and pet owners

who submitted photos to

TBA's 2011 Photo Contest, Thank You!!

You made this another successful Photo Contest



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and for Web Editor's Choice




Honorable Mention

Honorable Mention: Best Cover

Honorable Mentioned 2011

Tallulah a champagne solid female

Owner Samantha Cakebred
Breeder/Member: Karen Clarke

Honorable Mentioned: Best Kitten


HM Best Kitten 2011

Twelve week old champagne point kitten

Breeder/Owner/Member: Wanda Martin

Honorable Mention: Best Adult




Honorable Mention Best Adult


A.J. a platinum mink male


Owner/Member:: Tilly Anger
Breeder: Connee Schmidt

Honorable Mention: Best Showing Personality


Honorable Mentioned Best Personality


Blueberry, a two year old blue mink.

Owner: Jeanne Cheng
Breeder/Member: Lynn Jordan

Honorable Mention: Best Showing Sociability

Honorable Mentioned Best showing Sociability

Boris, a 5 year old blue mink,
Colia a 9 month old blue point and
Edan a 6 year old retired bridle greyhound


Owner: Chuck and Sue Fullgraf
Breeder/Member: Del Walton


Caption: "Happiness is a warm bed."

Honorable Mention: Best Showing Humor


Honorable Mentioned Best Showing Humor

Moca, a four year old platinum solid female

Owner/Member: Linda Massey
Breeder/Member: Kathy Becker



Web Editor's Choice,

in no particular order.... and for no particular reason other than I liked the photo....


Editors Choice

Tonks, a platinum solid female and Skittles

Owner/Member: Michael Larkins
Breeder/Member: Beth Cassely


Web Editor's Choice

Emma, a 12 year old champagne mink female

Owner/Member: Janet Burns
Breeder/Member: Mary Carsky

Caption "Nightie Nite!"

Web Editor's Choice

Zachary, a champagne point male

Owner: Suzy Rice
Breeder/Member: Linda Martino


Editors Choice

Tulip, a champagne mink female and Tigger

Owner/Member: Sharon Lunney
Breeder/Member: Peggy Gyimesi

Caption: "Let's get the show on the road"

Web Editor's Choice

Coconut, a champagne point female

Owner/Member: Meghan Mcgovern
Breeder/Member: Peggy Gyimesi

Caption: "Oh dear, maybe they won't notice"

web editors choice

Starship Avatar, a platinum point male

Owner/Member: Ronald Rogginger
Breeder/Member: Jane Smith

Caption: "Privacy Please!"

Web Editors Choice

Leon, a natural mink male

Owner/Member: Jossie Gems
Breeder/Member: Amy Diem

Caption: "Quality Time"

Web Editors Choice

Owner/Member: Kenlee Ray
Breeder/Member: Wanda Martin

Caption: "Mom, don't you think it would be easier to install stairs?"


Web Editor's Choice

Pica, a natural mink female

Owner: Francis Mariani
Breeder/Member: Karen Clark.

Caption: "Don't even think about it!"

Web Editors Choice

Jacob, a natural point male

Owner: Margaret Miller
Breeder/Member: Lynn Jordan

an 18 month old platinum point

Owner Mike and Kay Jenkins
Breeder/Member: Del Walton

Caption: "I SAID play this one."

Sophie, a platinum mink female

Owner: Linda Schwehr
Breeder: Lois Carney

Caption: "Sophie's Found a new source of warmth in our hotel room."

Isabella, a platinum mink female

Owner/Member: Ann Wildman
Breeder/Member: Jane Smith



Owner: Krista Stockeri
Breeder/Member: Elena Starta

Caption: "Yum!"




These are just a few of the photos that

made me laugh, smile or just tugged at my heart.

I could easily have picked a dozen more.


Thank you for sumitting them to our TBA photo contest

and or giving me an opportunity to work with you and your photos.

Nancy Mikita



If you would like to see all the beautiful submissions

please click on the photo contest gallery below.

2011 Photo Contest Gallery

Pewter, a blue mink male

Owner/Member: Janet Miller
Breeder/Member: Jane Barletta

Caption: "Double Canines"