Past Photo Contest Winners

2007 Winners

Cover Kevin Mootsey (Celeste Yarnall)

Best Kitten Naomi Thomson

Best Adult Kevin Mootsey (Celeste Yarnall)

Best Personality Laurie Holmes

Best Showing Socialbility Rachel Weiner


Honorable Mention

Cover Tilly Anger

Good things come to those who wait.

Cover Hisano Yamashita

Copyright Satoshi Daicho


Cover Tilly Anger

My BEST friend.



Kitten Kyoko Hangai

Kitten Hisano Yamashita

Copyright Satoshi Daicho


Adult Kimberly Perry ( Elena Starta)


Adult Debra McDonald

Personality Linda & Carmen Martino

Intrepid and Cautious

Sociability Susan Cronin Ruderman

Tonk Hugs